About Peroba Rosa (Aspidoserma Polyneuron)

About Peroba Rosa (Aspidoserma Polyneuron) – this wood species belongs to the Apocynaceae family; it is a native species of the Atlantic Forest occurring naturally from Southern to Northeast Brazil in an area of 33 to 95 inches of  annual rainfall. The color from its heartwood is a characteristic rose-red to yellowish often exhibiting purple or brown patches or streaks, and when exposed to air becomes brownish yellow to dark brown. Peroba rosa (pink) wood exhibits fine and uniform texture with straight to irregular grains. Table 1 below shows the comparison of the mechanical properties between peroba rosa, and white  and red oaks. Peroba wood is 19% and 27% harder than white and red oaks, respectively. T This hardness is why our flooring is  more durable and longer lasting than most other wood floor options, while still maintaining its beauty.

Comparison of the mechanical properties between peroba rosa, and  white and red oaks.