About us

Choose Sustainable Reclaimed Wood 

Costa Brazil Reclaimed Wood is a start-up company based in North Olmsted, Ohio and Assis, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. We are owned and managed by Gustavo Costa, a naturalized American citizen originally from southern Brazil. Costa family has been in the upcycling business for over 40 years and we are now bringing this concept to the United States. We want to bring quality tropical and exotic hardwoods in a sustainable way.

Our company wants to be part of a sustainable solution while giving you access to unique woods you cannot find elsewhere. Check out our products to begin choosing the reclaimed wood product that is right for you.

Saving Trees and Rainforests with Reclaimed Wood

As the owner of Costa Brazil Reclaimed Wood, I look at my reclaimed wood daily, and am constantly reminded that I am helping to  save trees here in the United States and in the South American rainforests by using the reclaimed lumber my company is offering to the American consumer market.